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June 2013: Putting the page to sleep...
1.1.2012 00:00:00: xml.heroesofnewerth.com is down, this site won't able to get any new stats until S2 fix the problem. Only working site I know of is hondmg.com which uses masterserver as stat source instead of XML.
4.8.2011 02:00:00: Hondamage links are back! There is one more bug in S2's XML, nostats information is gone. So I can't distinguish nostats games from normal public games until S2 fix the issue.
30.7.2011 02:35:12: Hondamage and thisisnewerth sites seems to be broken. I've removed both links (main link is now pointing to official match stats).
29.7.2011 23:11:02: S2's XML service is back online! There are many old matches missing in XML (all before june, approximately), though :(
14.5.2011 15:01:04: Hero filtering! Just click on any hero in the heroes table and see all matches with that hero.
21.3.2011 23:41:18: System will now load ALL your matches into the matches table, step by step (every time you visit your stats page and there is no new match). I had to empty the cache again, for the last time i hope. Added support for old matchmaking matches (early 2010).
17.3.2011 14:48:05: Heroes stats! Reload your stats page after graphs data are loaded and it will appear. Had to empty matches cache (graphs/heroes cache is not affected) to make sorting work.
16.3.2011 23:27:47: Automatic table pagination. I'm planning to remove table limit and load all matches - that's why i've implemented pagination. Removed graphs cache - you will need to load graphs again, but script will now store more data which will be used for future hero stats and more.
16.3.2011 02:04:24: Sorting! You now can sort matches table by any column. Fixed matches being red even when your team won but you disconnected/were kicked. You can now hide no stats matches (only for public matches, of course).
14.3.2011 17:15:48: New option: use brighter colors. Fixed graphs not reloading when there is a new match. Fixed hero stats in match detail - attribute boost is now included, added arachna's aura, soulstealer's damage boost. There still might be more inaccuracies (known: abyssal skull bonus dmg doesnt count).
12.3.2011 00:22:06: Graphs! It can take some time to load, just reload your page until its ready. I've optimized performance vastly - site should never completely freeze anymore (happened few times before), though initial fetches can sometimes take more time.
5.3.2011 14:15:52: Added comprehensive player statistics for each mode (colored in same fashion as in-game). I've had to remove whole cache again.
5.3.2011 02:00:03: Wards placed, disconnection time (in match detail) and icon, massively improved first-time cache loading, site will now load 100 matches by default!
4.3.2011 18:33:41: More stats in match detail! (Click on any row to see it)
2.3.2011 01:08:49: Fixed CSS (borders should be working in firefox now), fixed html validity, you can check out your items by clicking on any match
19.2.2011 23:29:44: Match id links are now thisisnewerth.com
12.2.2011 22:27:17: Match mode icons for matchmaking, match names for public games
11.2.2011 20:20:00: Upgraded site to use XML API for fetching last player matches
6.12.2010 23:18:41: Added date format setting and fixed timezone selection

Total matches loaded: 9,083,694 for 43,394 players (470.37 MB)

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